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Nov 25

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

I now own what I had vowed I would never use—an e-reader. I started having positive thoughts when Fiction Addiction advertised a mini-Kobo at an appealing price. I knew if Fiction Addiction was selling it, it must be of value. I was even more convinced when I learned it was Canadian made (great respect for their “Shark” products) and that KOBO is an anagram for BOOK. My publisher is Xlibris which also means book. Now that is just too many signs to ignore so I purchased. I will continue my loyalty to books and purchase as many as ever. I will use the reader for classics that I have intended to read again but do not want to buy. Most of these are on the free list. After getting help from granddaughter to install & download one book, I am hooked. It is a neat little gadget. My first book is “Les Miserables” so I won’t need to download another for several months! I am now on page 38. I will let you know my progress.

Nov 23 The day after

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Enjoyed my favorite holiday yesterday in the best possible way with family, traditions, feast, left overs to take home and the holiday continues.
Today I am using the turkey carcass to make a huge pot of soup for family tonight–another tradition. Tomorrow we go to mountains for great shopping at Pumpkintown Opery House, Aunt Sue’s and hopefully an apple stand. I do love this holiday weekend. I am thankful for my family, my church, friends, precious memories, dear Lorna and full life and add to that Myra and her friends. Next Thurs evening she gets to show off at the Ready4Reading Meet the Authors benefit. Hope there is a large crowd and lots of contributions for this very valuable organization.
Not thankful for the way shopping seems to be taking over Thanksgiving Day. Seems to me that Fri & Sat should be sufficient–but I am in a minority—a place I find mylf often. Hope all Myra’s friends have enjoyed the blessings & joys of the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Remember Saturday is “Small business Saturday” If you are in Greenville, there will be great shopping and good bargains at Fiction Addiction. Hint, hint to anyone looking for the perfect gift for me—you can find it there.

Sat 11/16

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Love Sat because I have the day all to myself. I think I could easily be a hermit as long as I had a computer, telephone and stocked fridge.
Passed another birthday milestone. I won’t say which except that I have outlived both of my parents—which always brings me to say “they died young.”
Had a lovely celebrations with friends and with family. Life is good. Thank you Lord and Thank you, Al Twiss.
AAUW book club last Wed. Great discussion and delicious lunch at the Runway Cafe. Love the perks to my job!
Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, will be especially thankful this year. I will share dinner with my son’s family–at least some of it. My favorite of the turkey is drumstick which is not the choice of anyone else, so I get to have one with meal and one to take home.
After Thanksgiving I look forward to going home to Emanuel County GA for the bi-centennial. The place where I am always referred to as “Judge Lewis Proctor’s daughter”
While there I will visit the Bear Creek Gift Shop in Tarrytown, GA and a bookstore in Lyons GA. Myra does enjoy going home!
Happy 200th Emanuel County, the largest county (in area) in GA & the only place in the US where two transcontinental hwys cross—US 1 & US 80. Of course not so much traveled as in the days before Interstates.
I wish you, dear readers, Joy, Blessings, Good times & good eats for Thanksgiving.