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Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Where do I pick up the thread–maybe just as it comes to me. I spent last Fri and Sat at Blue Ridge Bookfest in Flat Rock NC, exciting time for me. I met and heard live interview by Elizabeth Kosovia, author of The Historian and Swan Thieves. How can you have two blockbuster books and looke 28–not jealous just wondering. During the book sales I was seated at the table with Michael Wallis, a fascinating author who wrote the American Road series for ETV about is travels on Route 66, was the voice of the sheriff on CARS I & II and has written fourteen successful books on the true life stories of heroes and also infamous folks that we have only heard the Hollywood version. We chatted all day when no one was at our table to have book signed. I know your aren’t surprised to hear that he signed far more than SPT! I did enjoy that day. I am very star struck about authors.
Next up for me is two cataract surgeries which are supposed to leave me with much better vision. I am constantly told by folks who have had this done that it is a piece of cake—but I am still a little nervous to have something done to my eyes.
I have to be in good form by 6/13 to for Myra & I to visit the AAUW meeting. These are smart women so I have to do my best. I don’t belong to this organization, but I have to remind myself that I am also a University Woman.
On next blog I can report that I am seeing better than ever and looking forward to beach vacation with my family. Myra asks that you say a little pray for me.