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Sat Sept 2

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

Here it is Sept. I am still waiting for edited pages to be returned. Very anxious to get started on my review and return. However, I must be patient for she will return when completed. I think I started talking about Book IV too soon for I am often asked when will it be out. That is good for it means there are readers looking forward to reading. Hope I don’t sound vane to say that, but I am proud of this work. Big day tomorrow with 8 of my family with me for dinner of Brunswick Stew and other GA trimmings. Hope I can get prepared after church tomorrow. Maybe next post I can say I am hard at work reviewing editing. Shirley

8/22 Tues

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

After taking yesterday off to see and be astonished by the total eclipse, I find it hard to get back to reality. Never have seen before and never will see again.
thank you God. You did good. Hope all my readers had as good viewing as we did in the upstate. There is no question about it—now I have to get to work on making list of final correction to send editor. Not many for she is the best I have ever been assigned.
Sending in the last review is hard for you just do not want to let go. Today is the day it must be done. Think of me. Shirley

Sun Aug 20

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

One day until the sun goes dark. I seem to get more excited  the closer the day comes. I am also excited about new book. As I read through the completed edited pages, I appreciate more & more the value of a talented editor. I can’t tell you the complete title yet—but I will give you a hint. It contains one name that you know quite well. This book just feels right to me. Oh how I hope I am not the only one with this thought. Shirley

Sat 8/19

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

Now that I can return to blog, I do not seem to be able to resist—even if I have little to write. Into final countdown until the eclipse—-Sun Mon . This is a big event for all of Carolina. We need this. Probably see you tomorrow Shirley

Aug 17 Thursday

Friday, August 18th, 2017

Happy Days are here again. After much confusion with server, I can now return to my blog. I won’t get into the complications but just say it has been frustrating. Most of all I have missed you, dear readers. I see the count and some of you have continued to check for new messages, Please continue & spread the word. Good news is that I have worked on Book Four all summer, and it is now in hands of publisher. I have a great new editor and almost half of editing is complete.
Before you wonder—-Yes, there will be some Myra stories in this book. Hope to write again tomorrow.. Shirley

Here’s Hoping

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

After many failures with writing on blog—-maybe is is working.


Thursday, December 29th, 2016

Tis late, but I must say hi, wish you a peaceful, joyful and healthy New Year. 2017 sounds like the opening of a badly scripted science fiction movie I might have seen as a teen. I welcome the new year and hope for the best for all. Sad news for me. My dear kitty, Lorna, has cancer in her stomach & has spread to her lungs. Breaks my heart but I will doctor her with love for as long as she has good days. Sorry to trouble you with that, but I tell you what is in my heart. My Christmas was warm and loving with family, friends, good food, church and special gifts.For you dear readers, I wish you the same. I am writing every chance I get and excited about Book IV, I had experienced my first ever writers block and just could not get past it. I was struggling to present a part that would lead to the purpose of the story. Suddenly I read a passage in my daily devotional book & declared “Thats it”. Still no title, but maybe that will come in the same way. I do want to finish by late spring and get on the summer publishing schedule. I am sure this will be my “swan song” so it has to be completed. Now bed time is calling, and tomorrow will be a good day. Sleep well and enjoy your dreams.


Sunday, December 11th, 2016

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and in case you do not live near me, I report that weather is freezing. Nice Sunday afternoon to stay cozy at home. I enjoy such days. If I get lonely, I can talk to you. I have a message for Pat Conroy so hope he is checking my blog up in heaven.
Thanks for the five page a day suggestion. I haven’t yet made a full week without missing a day, but I am getting better. I am into the novella and enjoying this new venture. This book is my guilty pleasure. I have no expectations or goals but enjoying the writing. I’ll-keep you in the loop and hope something good comes out. Enjoy these days of Advent. Shirley


Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

Thank you for being better about reading than I have been about writing. I put blog on my to do list for each day, and then only things that are not as rewarding get crossed off. Anyway, I love seeing that you have been checking in. How did Dec get here so fast? it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, except at my house. I do love Christmas and will get one of those “around to its” I have spent most writing time catching up on my column. The Christmas column I just sent in is my favorite of all that I have done. Hope some of you will be able to read it in the Blade. Title is “A Darling Christmas”. If you grew up in Swainsboro, you will know the significance
Remember how I promised to follow the lead of Pat Conroy and write five pages a day. I have not gotten very far with that. I do believe ol’ Pat had a little help with his daily chores and seldom did grocery shopping. Big weekend ahead for me. Cousin Bruce will spend two days here. He lives in California so this doesn’t happen often. He is my husband’s only living relative and I met him as a bride when he was eight. I promise him plenty of southern cuisine. Must go before I fall asleep on the keyboard. It’s been a busy day.


Saturday, November 19th, 2016

On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, I wish my reader friends all the blessings, peace & joy of giving thanks for the things we have received. I feel like sharing my thankfulness with my favorite folks. Right now it would be easy to list concerns but I have faith that these will be addressed by the one with more power than any of us. The last few months have been trying for me as i recovered from the trauma of broken bones. Today I can say thankfully I am almost back to a good place. Good medical care, friends and family has made this possible. Most of my family will gather for the Thanksgiving feast and festivities. Preparation of all our favorite dishes are divided among many hands, so an easy relaxing day of fun, laughs and lots of turkey. Along with the thanks for the big things, I am very content with enjoying the simple things—good books, a treasure of recorded oldie movies, the adoration of my fifteen year old kitty—family and friends close by—opportunities for service—stories to write and for the man whose spirit is always at the head of our table. Cold winter days are very inviting to writing. My hope is finish up this last book in time for summer publication. Wish me luck. Shirley