About the Author

Cotton in Augusta, the first novel of Shirley Proctor Twiss, was the fulfillment of a life dream—a story the author had always wanted to tell. Her only goal was for the tale to be read and enjoyed. To the surprise of the author  the book earned popularity with readers, was recognized as a book of merit and nominated for a 2009 SIBA award for fiction (didn’t win, but nice to be nominated).

The dream of writing started at an early age when she filled spiral notebooks with stories. This ambition continued and grew stronger, but as a vocation her concern for special needs children drew her into the field of special education. This was a true calling, and she taught for twenty-four years. Writing took a back seat to her happy life as a wife, mother and teacher.  The bonus years of retirement finally gave the opportunity to return to writing and tell a story that had been in her heart for many years.

When readers related to this tale of a young woman’s story of love and faith, the author knew there was much more of the story to tell. She drew from her rich Southern heritage and memories of tales told by her family to continue the story into a later period in the life of the characters.  The story and characters are fictional, but the author’s vivid memories of life in a small Georgia town surrounded by cotton fields and tall pines gave her a realistic word picture for the setting of the events.

Although she was a young child during the years of World War II, she stored away impressions of the time her little town was filled with G.I.s, progress of the war was the topic of all conversations and gold stars in windows touched her little town with heartbreak.

She has lived in Greenville, South Carolina, for thirty-two years and enjoys this vibrant city in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains—though still considering herself a Georgian.

After the death of her husband of forty-five years, she continued the life they had planned surrounded by family and friends. She still has stories to tell.

Shirley Proctor Twiss, continues to share more of Myra's story. When considering a third book, she began to feel that this was the story she had always intended to write. Having lived in the decades of fifties, sixties, and seventies, these eventful years were permanently etched on her heart.

Her personal devotion to literacy and sharing stories with young children is woven into Myra's activities. Shirley lives in the vibrant city of Greenville, South Carolina (still with her self-centered cat, Lorna), and enjoys visiting bookstores, book clubs, libraries, and any group who invites Myra. Have books-will travel.